Fundamentals of Woodworking - Weekend Classes

Our best-selling class, this deep dive provides the beginning woodworker a solid foundation in wood shop safety, proper use of hand and stationary power tools, project design, wood selection, and much, much more. We will provide you with a multitude of tips and tricks for how to become an efficient and accomplished woodworker.  Our goal is to shave many years off of your learning curve. 

This course is designed to prepare you to execute your own projects at home, or to provide you with the foundation you need to start doing more complicated and ambitious work here with at Puget Sound Woodworking.

You'll learn shop safety, wood selection, power and hand tool operation, using construction jigs and fixtures, joinery techniques (wedged mortise and tenon, dados, and through-dovetails), sanding, and finishing methods as you create a gorgeous, functional, solid cherry, multi-purpose tote box with handle.  

This class will provide you with the confidence and knowledge to know your way around shop tools, so you can get a jump start on your woodworking skills.  Each student will learn to use:

Power Tools 

  • Jointer
  • Planer
  • Table Saw
  • Band Saw
  • Hand-held and Table-Mounted Router
  • Various other

Hand Tools 

  • Hand Planes
  • Chisels
  • Marking and measuring equipment
  • Various other

Spaces are reserved on a first-come first-serve basis. This course is packaged with the following schedule options, all with the same curriculum and run at ~30 hours total:

  • A five-day, once per week series (i.e. the Saturday class)
  • A five-consecutive day series (Monday through Friday)
  • A six-week-long evening class (limited availability per year)


Puget Sound Woodworking is committed to maintaining small class sizes, to guarantee maximized opportunity with tools and instructor availability.

Spaces are reserved on a first-come first-serve bases.

Cost of materials is included into the price of the class.

Please review the Puget Sound Woodworking Terms and Conditions, under the About tab.

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