"The dovetail class was the best class I've ever taken". - Owen W. 

“I was looking to take my woodworking skills to the next level. With Puget sound woodworking, I was able to do that and then some. I continue to take more classes to improve my skills and be able to build a much better final product. I also discovered that I can save a lot of time by using the right tool to begin with. PSW gave me great advise on what to use and when to use it. This saved me not just money but a lot of time. The outcome of course, was that I am able to build far better projects on my own. I would recommend Puget Sound Woodworking to anyone looking to improve their woodworking skills in a great atmosphere or even a beginner just starting out. My time spent with PSW has been great and I always look forward to the next class.”  - Brooke G. 

"Puget Sound Woodworking is a step into the past where the quality of tools, workmanship, and instruction provides a thoroughly enjoyable experience in creating furniture. Derrick, at Puget Sound Woodworking, meets you at your skill level and takes you beyond your expectations in producing heirloom quality furniture." - Don S. 

"Derrick Burke is an incredible teacher with a massive wealth of knowledge, enough to satisfy and then blow away even the most seasoned woodworker. Years of knowledge and mastery, though he won't admit it, are condensed and laid out for you, saving you years of failures and mistakes. The Fundamentals of Woodworking, Dovetail, and Hand Planes workshops were incredible, and opened my mind to many new woods, tools, and techniques." - Paul H.