Joinery Workshop

Woodworking joinery is a broad topic spanning everything from glue to nails to dovetails and beyond. Your ability to choose appropriate techniques, accurately cut joints and assemble components is a major hurdle in your development as a woodworker.

This workshop is designed to introduce you to a broad spectrum of ideas and techniques for improving your work and will open doors to more advanced woodworking joinery techniques. Our intention is to shave years off of your learning curve as it pertains to this all-important skill set and share techniques with you that will never be outgrown. 

We will introduce you to a number of important products that aid you in assembling your pieces as well as show you how to employ some lesser-known techniques for taking your joinery to the next level. We will also share plans with you for a number of the more important jigs and fixtures used here at Puget Sound Woodworking to create joinery of very high quality.


    Puget Sound Woodworking is committed to maintaining small class sizes, to guarantee maximized opportunity with tools and instructor availability.

    Spaces are reserved on a first-come first-serve bases.

    Cost of materials is included into the price of the class.

    Please review the Puget Sound Woodworking Terms and Conditions, under the About tab.

    Please call Puget Sound Woodworking to custom schedule your group (4 students required) sessions. 425-328-6311


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