Two End Tables and a Mortising Jig - Week-long

Building on the skills and capabilities explored in the Fundamentals of Woodworking, this intermediate level class is designed to bring in new skills and more complicated fabrication techniques. Students will build a set of end tables, constructed from black cherry, rock maple, ebonized black walnut, and ebony, with the opportunity to choose additional figured hardwood species and details. Each student will also build and use a mortising jig, to be constructed with apple ply, and includes all hardware. Both power and hand tools will be used.

Careful, experienced preparation sets you up on the first day to get off to a running start with more advanced joinery techniques and processes. Prior to the start of class, materials are milled to precise measurements. Local students may have the opportunity on a custom scheduled basis to assist in this process.

This class may be scheduled as a week-long, one student session, or a week-long session for two students. In the case of two students, each person gets one table and one mortising jig, for a small, additional materials cost. Please contact us to discuss options.

A challenging and rewarding week, this is an incredible learning opportunity with focused personal attention on your experience and education.


Puget Sound Woodworking is committed to maintaining small class sizes, to guarantee maximized opportunity with tools and instructor availability.

Cost of materials is included into the price of the class.

Please review the Puget Sound Woodworking Terms and Conditions, under the About tab.

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