Intermediate Woodworking


This more demanding course builds upon the core skills learned in the Fundamentals of Woodworking class. Our expectation is that upon arrival you are able to comfortably use power and hand woodworking tools such as the table saw and have experience performing a variety of other core woodworking activities.

Intermediate Woodworking provides the ambitious, budding woodworker with a wealth of practical fine woodworking experiences. It will also send each student home with a beautiful, handcrafted end table of their own make.
Students will learn a host of useful skills such as how to properly select wood to optimize the overall design, construct half-blind dovetails, better understand optimal workflow and accurately execute on some of the more complicated, "arty" tasks that confront the skilled crafts-person.  Great woodworking isn't about not making mistakes - it is about learning how to execute effectively in a proactive, sensitive and adaptable way. 
Most of the components for your piece will be milled four-square and rested upon your arrival to the shop.  A few selected parts will still require this procedure, so that you can get a review of how to perform this activity to the highest level of precision.

Techniques learned from this class are easily transferable to other furniture styles. All of our courses focus on building core skills to help the woodworker perform better, faster and more safely.

Prerequisites: Fundamentals of Woodworking, or a clearly demonstrated background of experience. Please contact Puget Sound Woodworking prior to enrolling, if you have not previously taken the Fundamentals of Woodworking course, but still wish to be accepted into the Intermediate Woodworking class.


Puget Sound Woodworking is committed to maintaining small class sizes, to guarantee maximized opportunity with tools and instructor availability.

Spaces are reserved on a first-come first-serve bases.

Cost of materials is included into the price of the class.

Please review the Puget Sound Woodworking Terms and Conditions, under the About tab.

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