Workbench Class - Standard Size

Please call Puget Sound Woodworking to schedule your workbench class today - 425-328-6311

Workbenches are a regular class at Puget Sound Woodworking and I am happy to offer this bench (see photos) as a standard class.  

Please call to inquire about scheduling your weekly session or your multi-day, intensive session for tourists.  These workbenches are finely made and massive as well as fun and challenging to build.  This class represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many of you who dream of building your own bench yet lack the equipment or experience that is required to build a bench of such excellent construction.

I will work with you personally through the entire life cycle of building your workbench.  We'll start by rough milling the parts and I am more than happy to do this portion for you in advance of your arrival, should that be required. 

I have built a large number of traditional workbenches and would welcome the opportunity to share my knowledge with you as you build this heirloom quality tool.


I can also design a custom workbench class for you, at an additional cost.

Our custom woodworking classes are private and kept to just you and/or your partner.

Please enjoy the attached photos, which are of actual workbenches built by students here in the shop.

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